Apple Buys AI Company Perceptio

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Apple snatched up another company to help make our iPhones smarter. This time it's Perceptio, a company that's been working on advanced artificial intelligence systems capable of running on smartphones without relying as much on remote servers for data processing.

Apple buys AI company PerceptioApple buys AI company Perceptio

The company has been working on an image recognition system that uses deep learning. For those that aren't in the know, deep learning is an artificial intelligence system where computers are capable of identifying and classifying sensory input. In other words, Apple could take Perceptio's work and make an iPhone that's capable of learning and responding based on what it sees and hears.

Since Perceptio's technology is designed to do most of its heaving lifting on your smartphone, Apple can use it to help keep more of our data private. Where Google Now, for example, is sifting through our data on its own servers, Perceptio's tech could let our iPhones do much of that locally. Along with helping keep our data private, it also cuts down data usage over cellular connections because less information is being sent off to servers.

This isn't Apple's only recent AI-related purchase. The company also bought Vocal IQ, which specializes in natural language technology that can be used to make Siri more human-like. The tech lets systems learn when we're talking, so interaction is much more like an actual conversation.

Combining Vocal IQ's technology with Perceptio's could help Apple create a much smarter iPhone that's more like a literal personal assistant. That sounds a lot like sci-fi tech, and also amazingly cool.

Apple isn't talking about its plans for Perceptio, but did confirm the purchase to Bloomberg.

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Google Now can do a lot more than Apple's Proactive to anticipate our needs. Combining Perceptio and Vocal IQ tech, however, could help turn our iPhones into powerful assistants in our pockets. It's pretty clear Apple wants to outdo Google Now and maintain our privacy at the same time.

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Is is this just the start of making Siri a real “Apple Person” since I doubt Apple would call it an Android.

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