Apple Drops Fitbit Products from Online Store

Apple has quietly dropped Fitbit's fitness trackers from its online store, hinting at a growing rift between the two companies over HealthKit support. There isn't any official word on why Fitbit's products are gone, but other fitness trackers that support HealthKit are still available.

Want a Fitbit fitness tracker? They aren't at Apple's store any more.Want a Fitbit fitness tracker? They aren't at Apple's store any more.

Word surfaced in October that Apple was planning on dropping Fitbit products from its inventory following the news that the company wasn't planning on supporting the HealthKit platform. HealthKit lets third-party health and fitness trackers share information so users can view their personal data in a single app, and then share that information with their healthcare provider.

A quick search on Apple's online store for "Fitbit" says no items were found, while searching for "Fitbit Wireless Activit + Sleep Tracker," Apple's suggested search, returns devices from Jawbone, Withings, and other manufacturers.

Companies like Nike, Withings, and Jawbone have all committed to the HealthKit platform, but Fitbit has chosen to focus on its already established data viewing system and stay out of the HealthKit game.

Apple hasn't — and won't likely — pull Fitbit's iPhone app from its App Store, but it's clear the two companies aren't as friendly as they once were.