Apple Issues Invites for September 9th Media Event

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Apple has issued invitations to the press for a media event on September 9th. Titled simply "Wish we could say more," the invitation features little that anyone will be able parse for hints of what's coming. Below is the invite received by TMO.

September 9th Media Event Invitation

"Wish we could say more."

John Paczkowski of Re/code first broke the news that Apple would hold a September 9th media event earlier in August. According to him, the event will focus on iPhones, but on Wednesday, Mr. Paczkowski added that Apple will also use the event to introduce the much-anticipated iWatch.

Or at least Apple's much-anticipated foray into wearables.

My money is on exactly both happening.

We'll be there with bells on bringing you the best-in-the-industry live coverage.

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I’m guessing there will be a major Siri upgrade, with a substantial increase in utility, including home control related stuff.

Lee Dronick

Siri, and and a wearable.


the invitation features little that anyone will be able parse for hints of what’s coming.

I disagree. they say a lot
Wish: Every new hardware upgrade we’ve ever wanted.
We: A new social media integration tool.
Could: New productivity software.
Say: Improvements to Siri.
More: The return of “One More Thing”. A surprise at the end. I predict embeddibles. Wearables that get surgically implanted. You can pay for things by waving your hand instead of your phone. Health monitoring of everything including brain waves. Mental control of your iConnected home devices like lights and thermostats. Oh, and because it’s Mac based you become immune to nearly every virus.

I’m on a roll here. I think I should become an analyst.

Bryan Chaffin

I stand corrected, geoduck. smile



Simply brilliant.

You may be hearing from some people with an interest in de-coding.


“Wish we could say more” : improvements on Siri
Position of the shadow on the leaf: what time to be there
The shades of color: your color choices for the phone
Using the shadow to tell the timing like a sundial!: a watch (wearable, whatever)

You are welcome. tongue laugh


ooh - and maybe the 9.9.2014 is what the font for the watch’s calendar looks like.

Although, it’s really probably just the “preview” of iOS 8’s visual display.


Since the invitation is very ‘mini’malistic, I’d say the entire media event is centered around a new Mac Mini!!  It will be shaped like the Mac Pro, but 1/8 size, with 1 Thunderbolt port coming off it, and a holographic display that gets projected from the center!!

Oh, and they may toss in a new iPhone model or two…


Lee Dronick

The Mini is due for a new model. The stackable shape is practical, but a Mini MacPro would be cool! Anyway, I would bet that the event is about a new iPhone and something to go along with it, a wearable device.

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