Apple Leases 290,000 Square Feet of New Office Space in Sunnyvale

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A giant destination architecture spaceship HP apparently isn't enough expansion for Apple, as the company has reportedly leased 290,000 square feet of additional office space in Sunnyvale. According to The San Jose Mercury News, Apple has signed a 7-10 year lease on a space known as Sunnyvale Crossing.

There are no details on what or whom Apple plans to house in Sunnyvale Crossing, and terms of the deal aren't available. The complex is located at the intersection of Wolfe Road and Central Expressway, and it has 7 buildings.

The office complex is not too far from both Infinite Loop—Apple's existing headquarters—and the UFO building being built on land once owned by HP, as shown in the map below. Apple already has multiple office buildings around Infinite Loop, and the spaceship building will be 2.8 million square feet, but the company's growth apparently needs even more space.

In the Apple Maps image below, Sunnyvale Crossing is represented by the red pin at 195 N. Wolfe Rd. Apple Campus 2, the so-called spaceship HQ, is represented by the purple "Dropped Pin."

Apple Maps

Apple's Two Main Campuses, Plus the New Space in Sunnyvale

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Lee Dronick

What is the completion date for the spaceship building? They might need this lease as interim office space.


They could be hedging a little bit. It’s so easy for construction projects to be delayed. Maybe there’s need for immediate expansion that can’t wait for the new HQ.

It might also be that the opportunity for that much office space so close to the other two campuses is rare enough that it was worth locking down now even if it’s more than they need.

Lee Dronick

John, maybe “tightening the bonds” on Samsung is a good idea. smile

John Dingler, artist

I finally figured out the meaning of Steve Job’s so-called “spaceship” building: By it’s very shape, it can be likened to an orifice to the Earth, with the sphincter being the tight grip Jobs’ had, and subsequent management has, on design and publicity. But, seriously, a more managerially appropriate, and environmentally sustainable shape might have been a pyramid with hollow outside walls made of compacted recycled Lenovo, Dell, and HP computers embedded in super concrete to indicate how Apple is crushing that dour, pessimistic, and gloomy competition.


Some various notes, for context:
—Campus 2 isn’t due for occupancy for another 3 years. See the recent aerial photo of the site, showing they’ve just started digging the foundations. Apple needs space for expansion now.
—Apple has already taken almost all of what Cupertino has to offer, so they have no choice but to expand into Santa Clara and Sunnyvale. I believe Apple is already occupying 20-30 buildings around the valley. One example, the new oval-shaped tower at 280 and Steven Creek, was supposedly constructed at Apple’s direction.
—Apple already has a pretty substantial fleet of busses to get workers around between all of those different locations. It’s hard to go anywhere in the west side of the Valley without one in sight.
—Samsung, in comparison, is building two 10-story office towers at First and Tasman, in North San Jose.


—Dell is building 6-story towers at Hwy 237 and Great America Pkwy (next to new buildings for Global Foundries).
—Apple hasn’t taken the title for most buildings or land used in the valley. That title still goes to HP. But Apple’s closing in fast.

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