Apple May Move into Home Automation at WWDC

When Apple introduced the Apple TV the company was hoping to take over our livingroom, and now it looks like that could expand to include our entire home. A new report claims Apple is planning on using its annual Worldwide Developer Conference keynote presentation next week to announce plans to turn our iPhones into the core of its own home automation system.

Apple may introduce its own home automation platform next weekApple may introduce its own home automation platform next week

Sources speaking with the Financial Times said Apple will unveil its plans on June 2 in front of developers and the media. Apple will introduce a new platform for controlling in-home devices such as lights, appliances, and security systems that will also tie in to a new version of Apple TV to be introduced later this year.

Apple's home automation system will be able to handle tasks like turning on the lights when users get home through some form of wireless communication. Considering Apple's push into its own iBeacons technology, that's the most likely system for Apple to use, although some analysts are still expecting the company to finally bring NFC technology to its handheld devices.

The company has reportedly been talking with device makers to incorporate its home automation technology into their products. Those manufacturers will most likely have to go through a certification process similar to its "Made for iPhone" program to ensure compatibility and privacy.

Worldwide Developer Conference is Apple's annual event in San Francisco where third-party developers get a chance to interact with the company's own engineers and learn some about Apple's own roadmap.

Apple isn't commenting on what it may or may not have planned for next week's event. What we do know is that Apple typically shows off features from the upcoming versions of OS X and iOS, and considering developers will need lead time to prepare for any home automation functions the operating systems may include, the event is even more appropriate for the announcement.