Apple Releases iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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Fire up your downloads because iOS 7 is available. As promised, Apple released iOS 7 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on Wednesday ahead of the end of the week launch of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

iOS 7 is making its way to an iPhone or iPad near youiOS 7 is making its way to an iPhone or iPad near you

iOS 7 includes a redesigned interface that's far less skeuomorphic compared to iOS 6, a redesigned Camera app, single swipe access to searches and common system controls, improved multitasking, AirDrop file sharing support, iTunes Radio support, and more. iOS 7 requires an iPad 2 or newer, an iPhone 4 or newer, or the fifth generation iPod touch.

To download iOS 7 first be sure you have a good backup of your iOS device in case something should go wrong. TMO's John Martellaro did a great job of explaining just how to make sure all of your apps, files, and settings are properly backed up and safely stored should you need to roll back to iOS 6.

Once your iOS device is backed up, you can install iOS 7 by Tapping Settings > General > Software Update. If you prefer to download and install updates through iTunes, do this:

  • Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your computer and then select the device in the iTunes Library list.
  • Next, click the Summary tab.
  • Click Check for Update.

Once iTunes sees the update it'll handle the download and update process for you.

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Lee Dronick

It is not yet showing up for me. The servers may be, and probably are, busy.


Are performance expectations for various devices anywhere to be found? I have a 4s and an iPad 2, both of which are barely making the compatibility cut, and I’m wondering how they’ll fare performance-wise on iOS 7.


“Unable to Check for Update”

This is when I tried to update over the air. I was just curious. I’ll bet the entire world is updating!


I’m diving in since the 6.1.3 update hosed the battery life on my 4S. Why not give it a try.

Pashtun Wally

still not downloadable via iTunes;  OTA is S-L-O-W!!!
after an hour, STILL says ‘preparing update’...
(D/L was fast by comparison)

wife v. annoyed she’s “Unable to Check for Updates”


Wife is a huge fan and would not be happy if the update broke the MLB App. Have to wait on our iPad2 until after baseball season.
iPod Touch is too old and can’t do 7.
Gotta sit on the sidelines for a while.


Got it via the over the air update. iTunes wasn’t seeing the update as available. You’ll also need the iTunes 11.1 update as well.


And there’s a new Podcasts App. (Music no longer is where you access Podcasts.)


Had trouble till realised iTunes 11.1 had to be installed. Then iPt took about half an hour, maybe a little more. Then iPad3 far less time.

I really like the lay out though folders with only a couple apps look pretty faint. Tech people who’ve had this already seem to be big complainers. Maybe the the tech-art bit Lee suggested is missed by some of ‘em. They may prefer ham ‘n beer to roast beef with wine.

Lee Dronick

Mike the first thing that I did was change the wallpaper from the default washed out blue bubbles to something that makes the icons pop a bit more. They include a variety of them and of course you can use your own or photos from your albums. Currently I have set a perforated charcoal thing.


Yup, that worked Lee. I had a neat fire lit Apple motif on my iPt which washed things out. The ‘dude meditating on island in nature’ looks good on iPad so I chose a blue scene for my iPt and it looks much better.

Sometimes simple just doesn’t knock on the door.


@furbies: The Podcasts app was in iOS 6 and is a year old now. You don’t remember it being one of the poster children for the evils of skeuomorphism (the open-reel tape deck)?


@furbies: The Podcasts app was in iOS 6 and is a year old now. You don’t remember it being one of the poster children for the evils of skeuomorphism (the open-reel tape deck)?

No I don’t. I always accessed Podcasts from the Music App.

Eddie Belcher

I am considering rolling back my iPad 2. It is noticeably very sluggish since the iOS 7 upgrade. My iPhone 4S is a little more sluggish but it is not as noticeable.

Overall, the new look takes some getting used to but begins to grow on you after a while. I am not a huge fan of hardware being made obsolete by operating system upgrades. The argument is that such upgrades are “required” to keep evolving the platform and stay competitive. From my perspective, it seems to be less for these reasons and more about “forcing” a steady market of upgrades and new profit streams.

Why can’t you have an upgrade with new enjoyable features that does not virtually cripple older hardware? Sure you can hold off on the upgrade for a little while by you eventually get left behind without doing it and become very limited in app options.

Linux is a perfect example of a similar UNIX based operating system that does not need monster hardware upgrades every time they upgrade the operating system software. I wonder why Apple do the same with iOS upgrades?

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