iOS 7 Available for iPhone, iPad September 18

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Apple's much anticipated iOS 7 will finally be available ship Wednesday, September 18. The company made the announcement during its special media event on Tuesday.

iOS 7 available September 18iOS 7 available September 18

iOS 7 includes a redesigned interface that does away with many of the skeuomorphic elements that have been a big part of the operating system. The OS includes improved Siri voice control and a more natural sounding voice, a redesigned Camera app, single swipe access to searches and common system controls, improved multitasking, AirDrop file sharing support, iTunes Radio support, and more.

iOS 7 will require an iPad 2 or newer, an iPhone 4 or newer, or the fifth generation iPod touch. Users can download it for free through their iOS device's Software Update feature once it's available next week.

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Lee Dronick

They did away with the gorgeous skeumorphism and added those tacky iPhone colors.

Lee Dronick

After watching the presentation I am looking forward to iOS 7, its lack of skeumorphism not withstanding.


And I’m one who really likes the new non-skeumorphic appearance!

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