Apple Sued Over Location Tracking Again

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Apple is facing a lawsuit in Canada from a woman claiming the company violated her privacy by storing location data on her iPhone going back a year. If this sounds familiar, it should: She's running iOS 4, which had a bug that let location tracking data stay on the smartphone -- a bug that Apple addressed with a software update in May 2011.

Welcome to last year: Apple sued over iPhone location dataWelcome to last year: Apple sued over iPhone location data

The plaintiff, Amanda Ladas, claimed in her lawsuit that Apple violated her security and privacy, and "engaged in deceptive acts or practices," according to CBC News. She also found an technology forensic specialist to confirm that location data tracking where she had been for about 12 months was stored on her iPhone.

Apple corrected the bug with iOS 4.3.3 for GSM-based iPhones and iOS 4.2.8 for CDMA-based iPhones in early May, 2011. The update was free and available for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, the iPod touch, and first and second generation iPads.

Apple and Google both testified before the U.S. Senate about their privacy practices after word surfaced in early 2011 that both companies were logging user locations.

Apple has since released iOS 5 and iOS 6 as free upgrades, both of which are compatible with iPhone models as old as the 3GS, and don't have the location logging bug.

Ms. Ladas claimed she didn't consent to Apple tracking and storing location data, and she also didn't say why she hasn't installed the free software updates that fix the issue.

Apple hasn't commented on lawsuit.

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Procrastinate much?



Next she’s going to sue Chrysler because her DeSoto doesn’t have anti-lock brakes.

Apperently we in Canada have our share of money grubbing twits.


No one can see that info without her phone or the computer that has her backups and it was fixed ages ago. If she didn’t update her software that is on her.

I’m guessing if she loses her purse with her keys and wallet and doesn’t cancel her credit cards or change her locks she’ll blame someone else that her bank account was cleaned out and her house broken into

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