Apple Testing iOS 6.0.1, Fixes Keyboard Flicker & Wi-Fi Issues

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iOS 6.0.1 Update

Apple has begun testing the first software update to iOS 6, according to sources speaking with Boy Genius Report Monday. The Cupertino company has reportedly seeded iOS 6.0.1 to its carrier partners for testing with release to the public coming in the next few weeks.

The 6.0.1 update is said to resolve several early problems noticed in iOS 6, including the infamous “flickering lines” that have plagued some users while accessing the virtual keyboard on the iPhone 5.

Other fixes planned for the update include resolving a problem involving the iPhone’s camera flash not activating consistently, improved Wi-Fi support, an issue with cellular data not working, Passbook lock screen notifications, and a Microsoft Exchange bug.

iOS 6.0.1 is reportedly in its final stages of testing and should be available to consumers shortly. With the “iPad mini” announcement planned for Tuesday, October 23, it is unclear if the highly anticipated tablet will ship with iOS 6, 6.0.1, or a custom version of the software with features specifically targeted for the device.

The Mac Observer will be on site for Apple’s announcement and we will report what we learn about the software powering Apple’s latest iDevice.

Looking ahead to future updates, Boy Genius Report’s source also claims that Apple has only recently turned its attention to iOS 6.1, making it likely that the update will not ship to customers until after the holidays.


Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Can’t wait to see if they fix the “one connection per server” “bug” in Mobile Safari. It’s driving a lot of web developers who do really standard AJAX stuff bat-guano crazy.

My bet is that they never acknowledge it as a “bug”, but maintain that it is a battery or bandwidth saving feature. But I’m kinda cynical that way.


The absence of location based reminders on the iPad seems to have changed from a bug to a feature.

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