Apple Updates iBooks to 3.0.2, Aims to Stop Unexpected Crashing

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iBooks 3.0.2 Crash Update

Apple released an update to its iBooks iOS app late Wednesday. iBooks 3.0.2 aims to fix a bug that causes the app to frequently crash when used in iOS 6.

iBooks 3 was released in late October after being introduced as part of Apple’s iPad mini media event. The update brought several key features to the e-reader software, including vertical scrolling, an easy way to receive updates to purchased books, iCloud integration, and expanded support for international languages in the built-in dictionary.

After upgrading to iBooks 3, many users, including the staff at TMO, unfortunately experienced frequent crashes when using the app on devices running iOS 6. The instability was not fixed by the 3.0.1 update, released October 29.

With Wednesday’s release of version 3.0.2, Apple appears to have addressed the issue. The update notes simply state: “iBooks 3.0.2 resolves an issue where iBooks may unexpectedly quit.”

It may be too early to definitively declare the issue resolved but, thus far, our iOS 6 devices that have been upgraded to the latest version have not yet crashed, as they frequently did using previous versions of iBooks 3. According to iTunes reviews of the app, however, some users are still experiencing crashes even after updating.

Did the 3.0.2 update solve your iBooks issues? Let us know in the comments.

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I do a lot of reading on my iOS stuff and it hasn’t crashed once for me. Maybe it has something to do with the types of books (ie. text vs. interactive)?

Lee Dronick

Juan I too have not yet experienced any crashes of iBooks 3. As you say it may be the type of book and I have been reading mostly text only books.


I have been eagerly awaiting this update.  I installed it with great anticipation…..  No difference at all.  My iBooks is still crashing!!!  And with it my library of books.  I would really like to see a resolution to this, but alas - this isn’t it for me.

Jim Drucker

still doesn’t work.


My iBooks 3.0.2 is STUCK at “Installing”.  Been a week now & the Apps icon still shows 1 update.  Several other apps have updated properly during this time.  Can’t figure our how to stop the install & re-start it.

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