Apple Updates iTunes & QuickTime for Windows, Windows 64

iTunes 11Apple released three updates for its Windows products on Tuesday. The company released iTunes 11.0.3 for Windows and Windows 64, as well as QuickTime 7.7.4 for Windows.

iTunes 11.0.3 for Windows (187.50MB) and Windows 64 (85.95MB) is the same update released for Mac last week. The patch notes for both versions offer:

  • New MiniPlayer. MiniPlayer now includes a beautiful new view that showcases your album artwork. In addition, a progress bar is now built right into MiniPlayer.
  • Improved Songs View. You can now enjoy your album artwork while in Songs view.
  • Multi-Disc Albums. Albums with multiple discs now appear as a single album. This update also provides performance improvements when searching and sorting large iTunes libraries.

We ran TMO Quick Tip from Melissa Holt on the new MiniPlayer features that should mostly apply to the Windows version of the software, as well.

QuickTime 7.7.4 for Windows (39.49MB) is a security update. Apple's patch notes specify only that, "QuickTime 7.7.4 improves security and is recommended for all QuickTime 7 users on Windows."

Users are directed to Apple's security updates page for more information, but this release has yet to be added to that page as of this writing.