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A neat feature of Maps on the Apple Watch is the ability to quickly mark your location with a pin, so if (for example) you’re parking your car in an unfamiliar area, you’ll have a simple way to route yourself back to it. To do this, open Maps on your Watch first, and if it’s not showing your current location as the blue dot, tap the arrow at the bottom-left to force it to find you.

Once you’re sure it knows where you are, touch the blue dot. You’ll be taken to a screen with your current address and an option to mark your location.

Tap that, and the familiar iOS pin will appear on the map.  

After you’re done getting this all set up, go have your fun. Shop, hike, or do whatever it is you crazy kids do. At any point, you can go back into Maps and tap the pin you dropped to get an estimate for how long it’ll take you to get back to that location, and from that same screen, you can also remove the pin if you so choose.

If you need directions back, just tap either the walking or the driving time estimate, and touch “Start.”

As both a directionally challenged and forgetful person, I love this. Instructions on how to get back to my car right on my wrist, with no third-party app required? Sweet. Now if I just had an app to remind me of where my car keys are or what I walked into the kitchen to do, I’d be all set.

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I love that Maps pin feature!

It sure is getting harder & harder to live out my decision not to have an Watch until the next version of it is released (i.e. - that version which has a battery that lasts long enough between charges to permit using it as my sleep monitor, & which is at least as water-resistant/swimming-tolerant as its other smart watch competitors, not to mention which is designed to enable hardware/firmware upgrades).

Melissa Holt

I gotta say, BurmaYank, I am WAY more impressed with it than I thought I’d be. I was excited about getting it, sure. But it’s a ton more useful and handy than I was expecting—Apple’s truly thought this one through!


Lordy, Lordy, will this ever keep my tongue in sweet order. I am definitely directionally challenged. I’m safe in my house or back yard, but within metres away I am in worry mode for I live by my GPSs for even the simplest of trips or walkabouts. Well marked golf courses are hazard zones. However I am a wiz at darts and ping pong and a few other manly sports.

IF this ain’t an Apple Watch seller point for me then nothing is, for ‘lost’ is the challenge of my life and the curse of my wife, who is also globally handicapped and expects her he-man to get her to her destinies on time without “all-those-little-unexpected-site-seeing-ventures” she disparages most of the time. “My perfect angle can be a tad capricious”, so cheerfully whispered her father in my ear at the alter.
Woopee, Apple Watch. My world may be made perfect.
Namaste and care,

Melissa Holt

Oh, mhikl. I just love your posts! You make me smile every time. grin


I don’t know what it is, Melissa, but you seem to bring the naughty out in me. I just have to see your pretty picture and what you have to say, then my little devil gets his way.
Namaste and care,
second posting attempt

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