Apple to In Icon: No Steve Jobs Doll

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Apple isn’t excited about In Icon’s plans to make a 12-inch Steve Jobs doll, and is apparently threatening legal action if the company follows through. The legal team for company that Mr. Jobs co-founded sent In Icon a letter telling them to stop production or face a lawsuit.

In Icon's Steve Jobs life like dollIn Icon’s Steve Jobs life like doll

Apple’s lawyers told In Icon that it controls the company logos and product appearances, as well as names associated with the company, and that manufacturing the doll would be a criminal offense because it resembles Mr. Jobs, according to The Telegraph.

Threats of legal action, however, won’t be enough to stop In Icon from making the life like doll. In Icon’s Tandy Cheung told ABC News his company plans to keeps production running and expects to be selling its Steve Jobs doll by the end of February.

“Apple can do anything they like,” he said. “I will not stop, we already started production.”

This isn’t the first time Apple has gone after a company making a Steve Jobs-like doll. Earlier in 2011, Apple stopped M.I.C. Gadget from making and selling its Jobs action figure citing the same arguments it tossed at In Icon.

“Steve Jobs is not an actor, he’s just a celebrity. There is no copyright protection for a normal person,” Mr. Cheung said. “Steve Jobs is not a product, so I don’t think Apple has the copyright of him.”


Lee Dronick

?Steve Jobs is not an actor, he?s just a celebrity. There is no copyright protection for a normal person,?

Well if he is a celebrity then he is not a “normal” person. If anything Steve was far from normal, he was and is iconic as well as being a great visionary.

Mr. Cheung said. ?Steve Jobs is not a product, so I don?t think Apple has the copyright of him.?

Well it isn’t going to be up to him to decide if he is a product or not, a court will probably have to decide.

He could have done this the correct and legal way by going Steve’s family and Apple asking to honor him by creating this action figure. They may or may not have cooperated, but it is their decision.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, I only play one when I am trying to get out of parking ticket.


Could be wrong of course, but I don’t Apple has a leg to stand on. 
His family might ? just ??but I doubt even that.


Presales will go through the roof. Apple should have said:
?Give us 30% of your gross receipts and we will be happy to protest all over the web. Heck, we’ll put a ?Do NOT buy this doll? on our front page.?

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