AppleInsider Sources: Apple Tablet Will Strike Familiar Chord with iPhone Owners

Unnamed sources cited by AppleInsider told the publication that Apple's tablet will "strike a familiar chord" with iPhone owners, as the device will share many design elements with Apple's popular smartphone. The device will also reportedly share the same ports as the current iPhone.

"When Apple finally takes the wraps off its long-anticipated tablet next Wednesday," Kasper Jade wrote for AI, "the device will strike a familiar chord with owners of the original iPhone, with similarities in industrial design trickling all the way down to the handset's button and connectivity components, AppleInsider has learned."

The article added that the tablet is, "largely redolent of a first-generation iPhone that's met its match with a rolling pin."

The description offered lends credence to images of what sources told The Mac Observer is the glass that will be used for the device.

Apple Tablet Glass
Source's photo of tablet glass laid on top of MacBook Pro keyboard for scale