More Tablet Glass Photos: Scale Backs Up 10” Speculation

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We have received more photographs from a source claiming that they are of the glass that will be used for Apple's as-yet unannounced tablet. This time, however, we get a little scale in the image, and that scale shows the glass to be large enough for a 10" device.

We considered this relevant because the shape of the glass if very suggestive of an iPhone, and several readers commented that the lack of scale in the image made it difficult to understood how large the glass is in the photo we first published January 11th.

We received two new photos today, the first of which shows the glass sitting on top of a MacBook Pro's keyboard. The trackpad is the rectangle below the glass at the bottom of the image.

The caveat is that we still have not been able to double source the photos, but we trust our source.

Apple is holding a media event on January 27th, and the company is expected to announce the long-rumored tablet device at that time, though the company itself has not said what it will be announcing that day.

[UPDATE: We believe we've found where this glass is being used.]


Possible Tablet Glass on white

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Dave Hamilton

So assuming this is real (and, personally, I *am* making that assumption), this is going to be a very interesting device. Apple has no reason to *have* to release something right now, and they’re smart people. Add that together and clearly Apple believes that they’ve got a winner product—or perhaps more correctly a winner *platform*—on their hands. Should be interesting!

David Chartier

I dunno man. Simply enlarging the iPhone’s design for a 10” device seems shady. Why is a speaker on one side of the device? Who’s going to hold a 10-inch-anything up to their ear to make a phone call? Even if a telecommunications-capable 10” Apple tablet is in our future, something like a bluetooth headset and iPhone headset input make a lot more sense than a speaker on one side.

Dave Hamilton

See, I’m looking at it quite differently. I don’t see this as a telecommunications device at ALL. That’s reserved for the iPhone.

This I see as a Kindle competitor (except the service would be geared more towards periodicals and less towards books, at least at first), more portrait than landscape, and of course multitouch for all input.

I think the single speaker is simply for audible feedback and perhaps audiobooks, but certainly not for phone features.

That’s how I’m looking at this one.


Looks like a big serving platter from Target…

Seriously, I question the big button. One would figure that it would be placed on the side of the unit. I am calling this pic a prototype at best.


I dunno; I’m thinking created by Photoshop. Looks just TOO much like an iPhone.


why dont we just wait lol…this is driving me crazy


what a lovely tablecloth that is!

Bryan Chaffin

A couple of points: I believe the alignment of this device is vertical (button at bottom, speaker slit at top), as opposed to horizontal.

Also, we trust our source, who has been right in the past.  He or she may have been lied to, and that’s the only way this will end up not being the real deal.

That’s my opinion, FWIW. smile


Ha a giant iPhone no way, that’s such a lame attempt.


Sheesh. The tablet will NOT look like a giant iPhone.

Trusted source? Seriously?

Loan me $20. You can trust me, I promise.

Dave Hamilton

We don’t pay our sources, but thanks for the offer, anterim. wink

To be clear: the pictures are real and not Photoshopped (other than the watermark we added, of course). That I can guarantee. What I can’t guarantee is if this glass will ever see the light of day on a shipping product from Apple. In fact, no one can guarantee that until Apple introduces it.

I think the chances of that happening are pretty good, though, based on what we’ve seen and what we know.

Dean Lewis

Hmmm… There isn’t enough of a bezel on either of the long sides to hold this well as a reader of portrait-page content. So, it’d have to be as someone said upthread for more landscape-mode media, web browsing, etc. I’m not sure I want that…

But, we’ll see. Only about a week to go now. smile


It’s the all new jumbiPhone. Why would Apple ever do this? It’s ridiculous to think they would simply enlarge the iPhone glass. Just think of the fabulous sound coming out of the speaker slit. Maybe this is the 4G iphone. I know people with big heads and hands would love to make phone calls on this baby. 
Really to pass this off as informed source information is a joke.

Vern Seward

Well, I don’t believe it for several reasons:

1. As someone mentioned, a big button and a slit is silly
2. While there can be good reasons for the tablet to look like an iPhone or iPod Touch, there are stronger reasons for it not to. The biggest being real estate. Why reduce the working screen size or make the device bigger than it needs to be?
3. This is part of Apple’s new ploy to to confuse instead of hide info on upcoming gadgets. Leaks will happen. Instead of tightening lid Apple is loosening it, just a bit. What we may be looking at is an early prototype glass that was rejected by His Steveness. It makes excellent FOC (Foil, Obfuscate, and Confuse).
4. Come on! A big iPhone?
5. If that screen measures 10” diagonally then it’s about 7” horizontally. Add 4 ” for the end caps and you got an 11” device you have to lug around. That’s silly.
6. I’m partial to marinated olives and a really good ruben sandwich, with fries and a strawberry milkshake.

For all of those reasons and more, I believe the image is not of the glass belonging to the tablet that Apple will announce.

(Is it me or is anyone else hungry?)



Would have been nice and showed the original photo in relation to another object for scale, but I’m glad they got something more convincing this time. smile

On one hand, I’m saying “Dag yo, look at them corner radii”, and on the other I’m thinking that Apple has a bad habit of making products that people just want - so if this is the real deal, it’ll make a lot more sense once it’s been demoed.

I’m reserving judgement on where this fits within development - whether it’s part of a prototype, an actual part from a soon-to-be-released Apple Tablet whatever, or simply something a competitor’s design.


really good ruben sandwich

Hahaha, yes a reuben sammich does sound good right about now. I haven’t had one in a long time. smile


Do you think Jony Ive would really just jumbosize the iPhone for a product they’ve supposedly been working on for 7 years?!  I have a little more faith in Jony than that.


No, no , no, it’s not an enlarged iPhone front plate, it’s a really, really small keyboard.


This I see as a Kindle competitor

That’s a big negatory, Dave.  Look at the ratio - 16:9, maybe 16:10.  That is a video device, not a book reader.



I think it’s probably an oversized iPhone mockup for use in window displays, a bit like the giant ones but for smaller windows/less space.

Dave Hamilton

Lots of excellent ideas about what this might be. As I said, *it* exists and the pictures are real—what *it* is, and for what it will be used, if anything… that’s the conversation!

Good point about it looking like it could be a video device. We do know that Apple’s talking with periodical and book publishers, though… so maybe there is some truth to the older discussion about this fabled tablet having *both* E Ink and LCD screens layered on one another?


Dave, just because the image file is not photoshopped doesn’t mean it’s real. There are many ways to fake things other than photoshop. E.g. print on a transparency.

Dave Hamilton

Thanks, zebrum. And good point.

As I said, though, this glass exists. Of that, I’m certain. The rest, as above, stands.


Where’s the glass?  I see a black bezel of some kind, seemingly covered by a plastic sheet.


Am I the only one that thinks the aspect ratio looks different in the two photos? Seems much wider-screened in the non-keyboard shot. I call fowl.


Martin has a good point. That IS a nice table cloth.


I have it!  It’s a license plate holder!


Maybe apropos?

“The New York Times announced Wednesday that it intended to charge frequent readers for access to its Web site, a step being debated across the industry that nearly every major newspaper has so far feared to take.”


The size of it reminds me of all those iPhone displays…

Here’s one of those iPhone displays:


Not sure why folks are presuming that hole is for a big button. It looks more like the hole where the built in web cam would go.

Franklin Smathers

I am sure the photos are real (not photoshopped) doesn’t mean they are real. I could easily get a piece of plexiglass, shape it, and add the speaker/button and make it look like an oversized phone. I seriously doubt that the tablet (iSlate/whatever it is called) won’t look like this. Considering the simplistic names used by all the past apple products, I am guessing it will be called the macBook tablet or something similar.

Dean Lewis

Not sure why folks are presuming that hole is for a big button. It looks more like the hole where the built in web cam would go.

Well, if I hold the thing by the larger parts of the bezel, then my big fat thumbs are going to cover up both the button/web camera and the slot/speaker. Having a thumb in the way of the camera is kind of cool in an old school snapshot kind of way, but Jobs isn’t into retro in that way. smile

Jeff Tropeano

I’m dubious about this for a reason not mentioned:

My MacBook’s screen margin (the black area between the last pixel on the screen, and the laptop edge) is about the size of a regular keyboard button.  On this picture, the screen margin is almost twice that size (comparing to the laptop keyboard buttons on the photo).

I don’t there theres any way that Apple would need that much extra space.  If they can get the margin down to a keyboard button size on a MacBook, and even smaller on an iPhone - why would they need so much more for this tablet device?

- J

Jeff Tropeano

To add to my last comment—I don’t think that the photo isn’t “real.” It doesn’t seem to be photoshopped by the source, or anything.  I’m with a previous commenter and think that this is a giant window display iPhone.


I think it’s hilarious that someone has the time to lay this glass on their computer and their white table cloth, but aren’t bright enough to take a photo of it with a quality camera and measuring tape to scale!


This is nothing more than a trap to catch moles by Apple, if it’s even that.

They’ve produced a handful of these ridiculous faux tablet screens to people, each with an identifying mark (maybe the positioning of the small hole on the corner), and waiting to see if any pictures appear on the web.

They’ll then be able to narrow down the possible culprit of the ‘leak’ to a few people and will take appropriate action.

January 27th is going to show that this is nothing but a small window display at best. A massive iphone? Not a chance.

Your mole’s about to get fired.


i don’t think this has anything to do with the Tablet… More like God I hope this doesn’t have anything to do with the Tablet. It just looks like the outer part of the iPhone screen and someone made it bigger. Stop with the rumors and just wait a week and we will see the real thing if they even make it… which they probably will.

Teorik Deli

Just wait for it.. =)


Fraud Photo

This is a replacement plastic panel for iPhones (not OEM even though marketed as OEM, they seem to use Original where the rest of the world uses OEM to mean a real Apple part, not a 3rd party one).

One big clue is that extra small hole. It is over a sensor and the black coating on the plastic keeps the sensor from working otherwise. It is not able to be used through it like the actual glass OEM iPhone parts.

The other is that if you deal in photo-metrics it is an exact scale of an iPhone cover glass. Including the scaled curve radius. The button placement and the speaker placement as well. This is not an Apple way of doing things. The curve radius on a scaled up iPhone looking device would be a smaller radius percentage when the overall size is upscaled. And the speaker position is great if holding the tablet to the ear. But this also assumes a mono-audio device, which is not likely in a tablet where there is room for two more reasonable speakers.

The photo against the notebook is easy to fake. Just blowup a photo of the notebook and place the cover plastic over it.

Also the lighting on the wrinkles of the plastic is a different (slightly different) angle than the original notebook (look at the recess of the trackpad, also different intensity) and the distortion of the excess plastic where the notebook screen is is incorrect, almost as if the plastic (and likely) is flatter than possible if bent up by proximity to the screen.

These are not even good faked photos. The old photo reduce a picture of the background to enhance the size perception in the foreground trick eh… (must use best MAxwell Smart voice when reading that!)

See if your source will part with a properly exposed photo with a cloth tape measure wrapped once around the panel and the panel out of the protective plastic preferably.



is it a clear display?


Would have been nice and showed the original photo in relation to another object for scale, but I?m glad they got something more convincing this time.

Hey Dave, can you please ask your source to put the glass up to their ear and hold it like an iPhone to determine scale? LOL

Dammit Vern, now I’M HUNGRY!!! mmmm….burger.


No sorry this is not the real thing, i can put my bet on it…. not even a iPhone 4g


imski: I think you hit the nail right on the head. First thing I thought was that it was a display piece for retail outlets of the iphone but maybe for some with small windows instead of the full panel windows like most of their stores.


The window display iphone is 5 foot not 10 inches.


This is a Window Display for the iPhone

Don’t believe me?  Here it is in action:


looks like the big mockup iPhones they got in the t-punkt stores in germany…

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