Source Offers Photo of 10" Apple Tablet Glass [Updated]

A source has sent us a photograph of what he claims to be the glass to be used in Apple's as-yet unannounced tablet device. In the photo below is just the glass, which looks a lot like a large iPod. According to our source, the glass measures 10" on the diagonal.

We aren't positive about how this device would be presented, but we thought it made the most sense in a vertical alignment. If it is legit, one would think that the slot at the top is for a speaker, while the hole in the upper left could be for a camera lens. The button on the bottom, of course, would likely be a Home button, the same with the iPhone.

We weren't able to double source the image, but we do trust the source that provided us with the image. Apple is expected to launch an iPhone OS-based tablet device later this month.

Apple's Tablet Glass
A source tells us that this is glass for Apple's unannounced tablet

UPDATE: On January 19, TMO received two more photos showing the same glass surface. These photos, however, offer some scale by including other items in the images, including a MacBook Pro.

Apple will be hosting a special media event on Wednesday, January 27, in San Francisco, and is expected to introduce a tablet device. Be sure to check in with TMO for our announcement coverage.