AT&T Brings Back Free 1000 Rollover Minute Offer

AT&T offered subscribers 1,000 bonus rollover minutes earlier this year, and now the deal is back again. Like the previous rollover minute offer, AT&T subscribers must text a message to a special number to request the bonus by September 7, 2011.

Free rollover minutes from AT&TAT&T’s 1,000 bonus rollover minutes offer is back

Some AT&T customers began receiving SMS alerts about the promotion on Thursday. Just like the previous promotion, subscribers need to text “Yes” or “yes” to 11113020, and subscribers don’t need to wait for a text message from AT&T before sending the reply.

Rollover minute responseAT&T’s respons to the free minute request

AT&T’s response message doesn’t say how long it takes before the bonus rollover minutes show up in user’s accounts, although last time around it took about four weeks.