European Consumer Groups Challenge Apple Warranty Practices

Apple’s practice of promoting AppleCare to extend warranties for its devices has come under scrutiny in the European Union. Italy has already fined Apple for misleading consumers, and groups representing consumers in other EU countries want a similar acknowledgement and an immediate end to the practice.


Apple states that its products all come with a one-year warranty and that extended coverage can be purchased through the AppleCare program at additional cost. However, EU law requires manufacturers to cover their products for two years. The groups are accusing Apple of unfair practices and misleading consumers with their advertising.

The European Consumer Organization’s director general, Monique Goyens, said “consumers should not be misled and confused as to fundamental EU consumer rights because a company wants to sell their commercial warranty services.” Goyens added that since Apple is a market leader, it’s “even more important” as their practices have a “wide impact.”

In December, Italy fined Apple €900,000 (US$1,180,000) for this practice. Apple is challenging that finding at a March 21st hearing. Italy is one of 11 countries represented by the groups making the current complaints.