FTC Smacks Snapchat Over Non-Disappearing Photos and Privacy Breaches

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FTC Smacks SnapchatSnapchat has settled with the Federal Trade Commission over charges the company was deceiving customers, as well as failing to protect customer data and misrepresenting the app to consumers. According to Tom’s Guide (via The Loop), the company agreed to two decades of monitoring by the regulatory agency.

One of the appealing features of photo messaging app Snapchat is that the photo is temporary; after a short period of time the image disappears, or at least, that’s what people thought until the FTC got involved. Some of the FTC charges were related to a security hole discovered earlier this year that disclosed over 4 million Snapchat accounts.

Snapchat has settled with the FTC, which means it doesn’t officially admit any wrongdoing or pay any fines, but will be monitored for privacy and security by an independent party for the next 20 years. 

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I’m glad to see the FTC stand up for consumers, but for me the notable thing here was 20 years worth of monitoring. It just struck me because I’ve been a computer user longer than that and virtually none of the software I was using then even exists now.

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Kelly, DragThing (http://www.dragthing.com/) must have been around for 13 or 15 years. While it’s not the 20 years you refer to, it’s a long time….


Furbies, DragThing 1.0 was released in 1995, so it’s very close to 20 years old, but how many people are using it today? The only serious software packages that I’m still using today that were around back then are Office and Photoshop.

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