Snapchat Hack Compromised 4.6M User Accounts. Are You on the List?

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Thanks to a group of hackers, some 4.6 million Snapchat user names and phone numbers have been released into the wild. That means if you're a Snapchat user there's a reasonable chance you're on that list. Luckily, the team that warned the image sharing service last August of the security threat has put together a website that lets you know whether or not your user name and phone number were leaked.

Snapchat flaw exposes 4.6 million usersSnapchat flaw exposes 4.6 million users

Security flaws in the Snapchat APIs let hackers collect the long list of names, which was then posted on the Internet for all to see on January 1. Gibson Sec warned Snapchat of the threat several months ago, but apparently it hasn't been patched.

The Gibson Sec team says they didn't steal the database, but they have put together a website that can check to see if you're one of the unlucky 4.6 million. To see if you're on the list, just enter your Snapchat user name at Gibson Sec's Snapchat leak site.

The culled accounts all come from specific parts of North America, so users outside the U.S. are most likely not on the list. If you are, it's time to delete your Snapchat account. That won't remove your name from the list that's already been released, but it will stop anyone else from getting your information if they try a copycat move.

Even though passwords weren't collected in the breach, it's still a good reminder to make sure you aren't using the same login credentials for every site or service you use. Apps like 1Password and LastPass can store your passwords for you so it's easier to keep track of your logins.

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I happend to have MAMP installed for another project so I loaded the database (had to use the command line) and no one I know (who uses snapchat) is in the database. In fact I could have saved myself the trouble since their area codes are not in the list at all, and that information is on the web site. (They only have 76 area codes in the database and the USA uses around 275 or so!)

Still, it felt odd to have all that information at my fingertips. I wonder if this is how Google feels?

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