Hands (and Wrist) on the New Apple Watch (Video)

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Apple entered a whole new product category Tuesday when it announced the Apple Watch. This device, a companion to the iPhone (5 or better required), is designed to serve many functions, including at-a-glance (and at-a-feel) access to data from your iPhone as well as advanced fitness and health tracking. I had the opportunity to test and wear one after Apple's event, and I was pleasantly impressed.

Apple Watch
All Photos by Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus

The Demonstration Process

Apple had a pretty scripted demo they walked interested media through. It started with the reality that there were two different software builds on the demonstration Apple Watches on hand.

The ones Apple's staff members strapped onto media—and yes, they strapped it on, presumably to ensure it was snug enough for the haptic feedback to be noticeable—had a looping 4-minute demo running. Those devices were not at all responsive to user input.

The version that the Apple demo employees wore was more functional, and allowed the Apple reps to move through some features and show off the interactive portions of things.

My assumption is that since the watch isn't nearly finished (remember, it's not due until "early 2015"), there are many parts of the OS that are simply incomplete at this point, and by only allowing employees to navigate, Apple could be sure no one would hit any "bridge out, turn around now" scenarios.

To Apple's credit, the fact the company put these things out there for any demos—let alone putting them on our wrists—is fantastic considering how early they are in the development of the final OS builds. 

Here's a video I made while they were running me through Apple Watch's paces:

Next: Feel and Function

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Can’t help but wonder if the copiers in Korea have started overheating. They should have their facsimiles in the market just a couple of weeks before the AppleWatch is available for sale. And since the courts seem to make sure that they drag things out long enough so that the design concepts lose all their validity, intellectual property protection is non-existent.


Lee Dronick

From I remember from the demo, the button on the side brings up “favorites”


I believe that the Apple Watch video states the button below the crown (or above the crown if you wear it left-handed) brings up your contact list of friends with Apple Watches. This was how you entered the watch-to-watch communications mode. What they didn’t show was how the person on the receiving end was notified that someone wanted to watch-chat with them.

Can I have a group watch-chat? What if I want to send my heartbeat to both my wife and my girlfriend?

Lee Dronick

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