Intuit Updates Quicken Mac 2007 for Lion [Update]

As promised, Intuit today released a $15 update for Quicken Mac 2007 that makes it compatible with OS X 10.7 Lion. The update is intended for existing Quicken for Mac customers who want to use the product on Lion machines. Without this update it won’t work on the latest Mac OS version, which was released in July of last year.

Quicken 2007 for Lion

Quicken for Mac 2007 was originally written for PowerPC machines and had been running on Intel-based Macs using Rosetta technology. Lion dropped support for Rosetta, so Quicken for Mac customers couldn’t upgrade if they wanted to continue to use the software. Today’s patch now allows  for the software to run under Lion, without Rosetta support. Existing Quicken for Mac 2007 data files will automatically convert to the new Lion-compatible format.

Mac customers who are new to Quicken software are directed to purchase Quicken Essentials for Mac instead of the older Quicken for Mac 2007. Quicken Essentials was a complete rewrite of the program which is fully compatible with Intel-based Macs.

Quicken has been soundly criticized for treating Mac customers as second-class citizens and being out of touch with the Mac environment. Today’s release may not have helped that perception as the product page touts “Backs up easily to MobileMe” - a service that will be shut down in a matter of months. There’s also a download button titled “Quicken Mac Lion 2007 DOWNLOAD for Windows”…well, you can see why Mac users might be slighted.

Quicken Mac Lion Download for Windows

Quicken Mac Lion 2007 DOWNLOAD for…Windows?

[Update: Intuit has corrected the verbiage on the download screen, removing the Windows label. The company sent TMO the corrected screenshot below - Editor.]

Quicken Mac 2007 for Lion Download Screen

Corrected Quicken Mac 2007 for Lion Download Screen