iOS 6 Updates Clear the 100 Million Mark

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iOS 6 installs already up over 100 millionAlong with news that over 5 million iPhone 5 units made it into customer's hands over the weekend, Apple also announced that iOS 6 has already been installed on over 100 million iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The update for iOS was released on September 19 and has been available for less than a week.

iOS 6 added Shared Photo Streams, system-wide Facebook support, a new Maps app that drops Google's mapping features, improved phone controls, FaceTime over cellular connections, Passbook for managing loyalty cards and tickets, and more.

Some of those iOS 6 devices include iPhone 5 sales, which kicked off in stores on September 24 with pre-orders starting about a week earlier. Along with iOS 6, the new iPhone model includes a 4-inch Retina Display, LTE wireless data support, a faster processor, improved FaceTime camear, and more.

The iOS 6 update is free and requires at least an iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, or a fourth generation iPod touch.



Oh my. That could mean 100 million lost people if they need to use Apple Maps!


How many compatible iOS devices are there in the wild - and therefore what proportion of those have already been updated?


Still bummed in principle that the iPad 1 is left out, even though it’s more advanced than a 3GS.

But regardless, that’s an amazing level of adoption. Refresh my memory—do iOS devices come configured to automatically update the OS? If mine did, first thing I did was turn that off, which is why I don’t know. So I wonder how many people woke up the next morning to “Oh, my iDevice was updated. Okay…”


Nine figures, eh? And counting.
Wonder how many figures would make up any Android update to date?
Oops. Oxymoron.

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