iOS 7: Apple Mail's 'Swipe to Delete' Only Goes To The Left

iOS 6 users who have upgraded (or will upgrade) to iOS 7 may lament the loss of their "swipe to delete" functionality. In iOS 6, swiping to the right brought up a 'Delete' button, whereas now in iOS 7 that to-the-right swipe causes a different type of navigation.

Never fear: Apple hasn't left you in the dark, you just need to learn the other way of doing this. Try swiping to the left in mail and you'll get instant payoff ... plus a bonus! In addition to getting the instant delete function, there's also a "More" button that allows you several options including: Reply, Forward, Flag, Mark as Read/Unread, Move to Junk, and Move to any folder.

Swipe to the left (just like Beyoncé) in iOS 7's Mail to Delete ... and More!