iPad Pro Preorders Are Here, Some Confirmations Offer Same-Day Pickup (Today)

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iPad Pro pre-orders are here, but there's a twist: some customers have received order confirmations from Apple that say the device is available for pickup at their Apple Store today, Wednesday, though the order form offers a Friday delivery date.

To make this more confusing, Apple announced on Tuesday that preorders would begin Wednesday, but the company didn't tell us when on Wednesday, nor did it announce a firm shipping date. Instead, Apple's press release said they would ship "later this week."

In the meanwhile, this is what we're seeing on Apple's online ordering system for a 128GB Space Gray iPad Pro Wi-Fi before pulling the purchase trigger:

  Pre-order Delivery Options for Friday, November 13th, 2015

Pre-order Delivery Options for Friday, November 13th, 2015

Here's what one of our members received for his confirmation:

iPad Pro Available Today? Maybe

iPad Pro Available Today? Maybe.

For added fun, Apple Pencil and Apple Smart Keyboard are shipping on November 20th.

As of this writing, it's impossible to know if the same-day pickup is real or a mistake. My professional guesstimate is that it's a clerical error in the automated ordering system. We'll know later on Wednesday.

[Update: My professional guesstimate was wrong—the iPad Pro was indeed available for pickup today for those who received such confirmations. - Bryan]

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Mine order is to be picked up today, too. It was available in all stores in my area in fact.

Jeff Gamet

I’ll be picking up mine in store today as well. Missing out on the midnight alarm and mad dash to my computer to pre-order worked out just fine.


Got mine from Best Buy today…..  They had stock on most, but not all of the models….


Really enjoying the Pro…..  The sound is way better than it’s smaller siblings…. With four speakers, it’s better than most Laptops too….. Loving the extra real estate too….

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