iPad Event Rumor Round Up

Apple will be hosting a special media event Wednesday morning where it is expected to unveil the second generation iPad. Of course, there are plenty of other rumors about what will be announced, so we rounded them up for you in a nice little package.


The rumor mill claims that the second generation iPad will be thinner and lighter, it will include a front-facing camera for FaceTime video chats, it may include a rear-facing camera so it can be used as an awkward camera, support for both GSM and CDMA wireless data networks, a built-in SD card reader, a built-in USB port, a carbon fibre body instead of aluminium, a new MagSafe-style dock connector, and that it will sport a higher resolution display.

Some rumors claim the new iPad will continue to use the same display found in the first generation model, and others mix and match the long list of alleged features “insider sources” and “people familiar with the situation” are sharing.

iPad Rumor RoundupIt’s rumor-palooza for today’s media event

Faster processors, longer battery life, an increase in RAM and possibly more storage all seem like reasonable expectations for the second generation iPad.

The second gen iPad might not, however, live up to the hype. “For the iPad 2 don’t get your hopes up too high. That’s all I’m going to say,” an Apple Staff person told Cult of Mac. “They’ve had a number of problems along the way, and the third-generation iPad is the one to make a song and a dance about.”


Apple’s MobileMe online service will apparently get some new features during the media event, too. Look for cloud-based storage features, although reports that Apple is dropping the US$99 annual subscription fee seem far fetched.


Apple may be planning to introduce a new social mobile app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users at the media event, according to Business Insider. The service may be part of the company’s Ping social networking set up for iTunes users, a new MobileMe feature, or something else entirely.

Rumors have hinted that Apple is planning on introducing a new feature called “Places” at some point, but the limited information Business Insider dug up doesn’t directly link a Places announcement with today’s event.

iOS 5

While iOS 4.3 is expected at today’s media event, there’s also a rumor that Apple will show off iOS 5. This rumor comes courtesy of Business Insider, too.

There’s no word on what features Apple might show off should iOS 5 get some stage time, although a wish list from developers has been mistaken for Apple’s actual OS plans.

Steve Jobs

Apple CEO Steve Jobs may make an appearance, or even host, today’s iPad event. Unnamed sources claim he is planning on attending the media event, although they don’t know if he’s actually planning on taking the stage.

Mr. Jobs is currently on medical leave from Apple, although he has been seen occasionally at the company’s Cupertino headquarters. Since he’s still involved in company decisions, there’s no reason why he couldn’t be at today’s event even if only to watch.

With the long list of rumored announcements for today’s event, odds are at least some people will be disappointed because Apple most likely won’t show everything they’re hoping for.

Apple’s iPad media event is scheduled for 10AM pacific time today. Be sure to check in with The Mac Observer for our event coverage.