iPad’s UI? Priceless; An iPad with a Gold Back & 53 Diamonds ? $187,000

A designer in England has put together a custom iPad designed for the person with more dollars than sense. For a mere one hundred and eighty seven thousand dollars, Stuart Hughes will turn a plain, drab, and let’s be frank, *ordinary* iPad into an iPad with a gold back and an Apple logo made out of diamonds.

Your new iPad’s back will be made of 22 carat gold, and it will have 53 diamonds in the Apple logo to let everyone know that you can’t put your new device down on most of the surfaces in your home.

If you’re interested in “The Solid Gold iPad SUPREME Edition,” you’d better hurry, however, as Mr. Hughes is limiting production to just 10 units.

Mr. Hughes also makes other designer versions of otherwise humdrum gadgets, including the iPhone 3GS SUPREME Rose ($2.79 million - hey, it’s got 97.5ct in diamonds and a platinum bezel!), a 55” diamond and gold TV ($1.47 million), and a diamond and gold PlayStation 3 ($289,321), and more.

iPad Front iPad Back

Stuart Hughes’ Solid Gold iPad SUPREME Edition
(You know it’s shiny because of the lens flares!)