iPhone 5s: Adding Additional Fingerprints

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If you're currently holding a brand-new iPhone 5s in your hot little hands, you know that it'll walk you through adding in your fingerprint when you set it up for the first time. From then on, you can use that fingerprint to unlock the device or to authorize iTunes/iBooks/App Store purchases. OhmyGOSH that rocks.

After you do that, though, you can actually go in and set up additional fingerprints, including those of your friends or family members if you want them to be able to unlock your iPhone, as well. So to configure more of them, go to Settings> General> Passcode & Fingerprint. You'll first have to enter the four-digit passcode you picked when you set up the phone, but then you'll look for a section labeled Fingerprints:

Touch that, and on the subsequent screen, you'll see your current settings for how to use them. To put in a new one, touch Add a fingerprint:

Let your iPhone walk you through the process of scanning an additional finger, or ask your spouse or friend (or, apparently, even your cat) to follow along, and you're finished! Easy as can be, right?

My experience with Touch ID so far has been incredibly positive. Granted, I've owned my 5s for all of three hours, so time will tell, but I haven't had a single issue with unlocking my phone or with test downloads from the App Store. I'm really looking forward to not having to enter my silly Apple ID anymore, let me tell you.

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Wow, fastest tip in the west! I was hoping that was possible.

But the real question is, we’re you able to get a gold 5s?

Melissa Holt

Hi ctopher! Sadly, no. Of course, the store I waited at had very few white models, so I was out of luck. I wanted the silver, but the space grey was what I got. grin


From the screenshot it looks like you can enable all fingerprints for passcode unlock and/or iTunes store purchases, but can you selectively enable some from the store and others only for unlock?  These are two different privilege levels, since you can tell family members the 4-digit passcode to let them use your phone but not tell them your Apple ID password.

Melissa Holt

Hey webjprgm,

As far as I can tell, you can’t do that, which makes me very sad. I would LOVE to be able to set access levels that way. Maybe it’ll be a future feature?


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