iPhone 6s: How to Enable Live Photos

The Harry Potter-style Live Photos you can take with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are really cool, fun to share, and easy to take. That doesn't, however, mean it's obvious how to enable Live Photos—something I realized after being asked just that several times in the past few days. Read on to learn how to enable and disable Live Photos with a tap.

Here's what a Live Photo looks likeHere's what a Live Photo looks like

To take a live photo, launch the Camera app, then tap the target-looking button in the camera viewer. When it's yellow it's active, and when it's white it's off. That's it.

Just tap the target icon to enable or disable Live PhotosJust tap the target icon to enable or disable Live Photos

Want to learn more about Live Photos? The Mac Observer has you covered. You can view your Live Photos, share them, turn off previews, and even turn them into GIFs for everyone who can't otherwise view them.