MailTags Adds Mountain Lion Support

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indev announced the immediate availability of MailTags 3.1 on Wednesday. The update for the metadata manager for Apple’s Mail app added support for the just released OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 update for Intel-based Macs.

MailTags adds OS X Mountain Lion supportMailTags adds OS X Mountain Lion support

MailTags is a plug-in for Apple’s Mail application that adds the ability to create iCal events and to-dos from messages, lets users add notes and searchable categories to individual messages, can assign custom color labels to messages, and more.

Apple released OS X Mountain Lion early on Wednesday. The OS update includes several features borrowed from iOS for the iPad such as Notification Center and Reminders, includes system-wide app-level support for Twitter and Facebook, offers tighter integration with iCloud, includes the new iMessages app, Gatekeeper for better app security, and more.

MailTags is priced at US$29.95 and is available at the indev website.

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