Microsoft's Total Surface Revenue to Date: $853 Million

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it's total haul to date on Surface, the company's iPad-killer, is a whopping $853 million. That's how much the company reported in its annual 10-K SEC filing, which includes all three quarters the Surface has been available.

For context, it took Apple just over 12 days to earn the same amount of money for sales of the iPad. That's based on the average selling price of $436 for iPads in the quarter. At that ASP, Apple needed just over 1.95 million iPads to bring in $853 million. 14.6 million total iPads sold during the quarter means Apple needed 12 days to hit that mark.

If it sounds like I'm gleeful, I am. If you're wandering why, it's because of the smack that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer talked about the iPad when he launched this furry turd. To wit:

I don’t think anybody has done a product that is the product that I see customers wanting. Not Apple; not Google; not Amazon. Nobody has a product that lets you work and play that can be your tablet and your PC. Not at any price point.

I've gone on and on about this, so I'll spare you the repetition: the short version is that Steve Ballmer was wrong. Seeing this thing flop is frankly gratifying.

Also, note that this figure is different from the $900 million Microsoft had to write down because it made more of these things than it could sell. That's right, Microsoft's Surface revenues-to-date are less than the Surface write down.

[Via GeekWire]