New Images from China Claim to Show Leaked “iPhone 5” Parts

Three days after releasing supposedly leaked images showing a nano-SIM card tray in the next iPhone, French site Nowhereelse (Google Translation) posted new images from Chinese forum iColorOS of the purported “iPhone 5” Thursday. In addition to another look at the nano-SIM tray, the new images show a larger glass front, what appears to be part of the back of the phone, internal sensors, component connectors, and home buttons.

iPhone 5 Leaked PartsParts Claimed to Be from the Next Generation “iPhone 5” via

While today’s supposedly leaked images are missing many components from a finished product, we provide iFixit’s iPhone 4S teardown below for comparison purposes. While the different perspective of the photographs make a direct comparison difficult, it is clear that the glass front on the “leaked” image is indeed taller than that on the iPhone 4S, supporting the cascade of rumors that indicate a taller, 1136-by-640 resolution display on the next generation iPhone.

iFixit iPhone 4S TeardowniPhone 4S Teardown via iFixit

The internal component connectors also appear to have been slightly modified from their predecessors.

What is not shown in today’s images is any support for the smaller dock connector or the relocation of the headphone jack to the bottom of the device, both of which have been detailed by other purported part leaks.

The next generation iPhone (a.k.a. “iPhone 5,” “Sixth Generation iPhone,” or simply “The New iPhone”) is expected to be announced by Apple on Wednesday, September 12 for release later in the month.

[via 9to5Mac]