Quick Facts from Apple’s iPhone 4 “Antennagate” Press Conference

Apple gave the public a lot of information Friday in its iPhone 4 press conference to address the so-called “Antennagate” controversy over signal strength in the iPhone 4. We’ve covered the most important aspects from the press conference in standalone coverage, but we also felt there were several pieces of otherwise isolated information that warranted collecting in this “Quick Facts” article.

Accordingly (links are to articles with full coverage of that topic):

  • Customers who ordered an iPhone will be given a free case - customers who already ordered a bumper case from Apple will be given a refund
  • iPhone 4 customers who are unsatisfied with their device can get a full refund — AT&T will cancel associated contracts for those who do
  • iPhone 4 coming to 17 countries on July 30th, as promised, save for South Korea due to local government approval delays
  • White iPhones will ship at the end of July
  • Less than one extra calls are dropped per 100 on the iPhone 4 compared to iPhone 3GS, according to AT&T data given to Apple
  • Steve Jobs returned from his Hawaiian vacation early to host this press conference
  • AT&T has seen 1.7% of its iPhone 4 sales returned in the first few weeks of availability, compared to 6% for 3GS over a similar time period
  • Apple has had 0.55% of its iPhone 4 customers call in to AppleCare to complain about issues relating to signal strength or the antenna
  • Three million iPhone 4 units were sold in first three weeks
  • Apple has spent some $100 million in developing and building its Antenna Design & Testing Labs
  • The company has 18 PhD scientists and engineers working on antenna design
  • A fix for a problem with the proximity sensor in the iPhone 4 is in the works

If you noticed any other quick facts we should include in the press conference, post them in the comments below, and we’ll add them to our list.