Safari for OS X Mountain Lion gets Shared Links and Sidebar

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OS X Mountain Lion users got an update to Safari on Tuesday, giving them shared links support and a new sidebar. MacBook Pro and MacBook Air users got a little something, too, thanks to Safari 6.1's improved energy efficiency features.

Safari 6.1 for Mountain Lion adds Mavericks-style sidebarSafari 6.1 for Mountain Lion adds Mavericks-style sidebar

Safari 6.1's shared links feature lets users see links from the people the follow on Twitter, while the new sidebar includes bookmarks, shared links, and the reading list grouped together. The update also added one-click bookmarking, improved third-party data blocking, and support for Russia's Yandex Web search engine.

Safari 6.1 is a free update and is available via Mountain Lion's Software Update feature.

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Gary LearnTech

@Jeff   I’ve updated Safari to 6.1 though, for the moment, my OS remains at 10.8.5.  The blue TMO page banner, at the top of every page, flickers horribly as I try to scroll a page. #horribly Scrolling is also pretty jerky.

Hardware is a 6(?) year old iMac.  There was no flickering problem last week.

I’ll probably be applying 10.9 later on this evening, but for those who might be holding off, I hope you can fix it soon.

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