Samsung Posts New Anti-Apple Fanboy Ad

Samsung has posted another anti-Apple “Fanboys” ad, this one called “Movies and Music.” The ad pokes fun at people waiting in line for Apple’s iPhone so they can have all their music and video with them by claiming that Samsung’s Android devices have more options.

Movies and Music Frame

Frame from “Movies and Music”

While the company’s other ads should be able to earn at least a grudging chuckle from Apple fans for finding the humor in Apple’s culture of launch day waiting lines, this one might be looked at slightly more askance. The criticisms are looser, while the pro-Samsung Android claims are slightly more spurious.

Samsung “Fanboys” Ad - “Movies and Music”

For instance, when an Apple “Fanboy” proclaims that 36 hours in line is a small price to pay to keep all your movies and music, the Samsung user counters by saying that he has all his “playlists” with him, while his music streams from the cloud. That is not only an apples to oranges comparison, it implies that Apple doesn’t have a cloud solution, which simply isn’t true.

Nonetheless, Samsung is definitely remaining on the attack in its effort to beat Apple in the smartphone race. The company’s previous “Fanboys” ads include “Calling All” and “Next Big Thing.”