Samsung Starts Working to Sidestep Apple Patents

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With the possibility of product bans looming following its patent trial loss to Apple, Samsung is already talking with cell service providers about pulling features from smartphones to work around infringement claims.

Samsung trying to work around iPhone patentsAccording to sources speaking with the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, Samsung is asking carriers to remove infringing features from its smartphones so they can stay on store shelves even if Apple is awarded its injunction. The company is also looking at the possibility of additional product modifications, filing to stop an injunction, and appealing if an injunction is granted.

Samsung suffered a serious blow last Friday when the jury in its legal fight with Apple ruled that several of its smartphones infringed on Apple’s iPhone patents, and awarded the Cupertino company over US$1 billion in damages.

Samsung called the ruling was a loss for innovation and for consumer choice, while Apple said it was a reminder to its competitors that they need to find their own product designs instead of copying the iPhone and iPad.

Apple has already submitted its short list of phones it plans to include in its preliminary injunction request: The Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S2 Epic 4G, Galaxy S Showcase, Droid Charge, Galaxy Prevail, and the different versions of the Galaxy S2 that are available through AT&T, T-Mobile and Skyrocket. The two companies are scheduled to appear at a hearing for the proposed injunction on September 20.

Samsung has already said it plans to appeal last Friday’s verdict.

Judge Lucy Koh has already shown she’s willing to grant injunctions in the case since she already issued one for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, so its fairly likely she’ll do the same for the smartphones Apple listed. If so, Samsung will have to find ways to convince the court that it has worked around Apple’s patents with software updates, find a way to stop the injunction from being enforced, or face the possibility of a court order stopping the sale and import of several of its smartphones.

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Unlike Apple, Samsung IS a technological innovator and can quickly develop software modifications to the look and feel of their “offending” products. The vast majority of the things Apple sued over are easily changed via software so should it come down to that, it is easily done.

Now then, should Apple continue to press the issue regarding the shape of the products? That would really show just how desperate Apple is to keep competing products off the market. That tells me that Apple doesn’t think their product stands up to the competition.

Who dares

Samsung copied and were found to be guilty. What more is there to say. They blatantly copied the iPhone as they did previously did with other companies in the tv field and also with RM. If you steal then you must pay for your crimes. Why so many people try to defend criminal activity beggars belief.

If yOu rob a bank you do time. Samsung stole and have been found guilty.


Samsung copied and were found to be guilty. What more is there to say. They blatantly copied the iPhone

If so then Samsung did one more thing ... they made it work properly wink


If so then Samsung did one more thing ... they made it work properly

It brings me pleasure to see you how agitating the burning loss is for you.  I cant wait for the injunction and new lawsuits. So your faux smugness can continue to poison you in your chest as you die a little bit inside from your bile.  I love licking your tears of frustration and agony. 

Have a nice day!  smile

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

You’re going to have to wait until December 20 for the arguments for injunctive relief, because that’s when they are. Samsung will rack up a few billion more in profits between now and then, modernize its line-up of phones, and increase its market share at iPhone’s expense.

You just got Samsunged.

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