Samsung’s Anti-iPhone 5 Video Ad is Snarky, Juvenile

Samsung has launched another of its infamous Apple-fanbois-in-the-waiting-line ads that poke fun at the iPhone 5 and smugly suggest that a few, isolated features of the Galaxy S III make it the best choice. However, the ad comes across as immensely juvenile.


The ad, shown above, puts some advertising emphasis on things that don’t make any sense to those who know a little about smartphones. Worse, it offends our sensibilities and suggests that wiseguys be allowed to sway our thinking about a major product decision. Perhaps some youngsters are moved by that approach, but most people who are ready to commit to a smartphone and contract will just find it distasteful.

As for the features, this feature mania is also seen on the print side. My list is longer than your list. Well sure, Samsung got to make the list.

In this newest video ad, the iPhone is criticized for being late with 4G LTE. But we know that Apple doesn’t introduce a feature until the user experience for all its customers is great. So if you wanted to do some bleeding, you got on the LTE bleeding edge a year ago.

As for the iPhone 5 screen size, Phil Schiller explained that in the Apple media event. Large displays need to be held in one hand and touched with the other. The iPhone display is designed so you can hold it one hand and operate with the thumb. Plus, large display smartphones require even larger cases, then they no longer even fit in your pocket.

Samsung conveniently omits the fact that a micro-USB jack can’t properly charge an iPad because of wattage limitations. Focusing on just the phone side of the equation is oh-so convenient.

Samsung smugly suggests that the iPhone appeals to codgers. However, from what we know of Apple customers, even Samsung’s own ads, the demographics don’t support that.

And last but not least (not in order of appearance), Samsung suggests that putting the headphone jack on the bottom is an idea conceived by wackos. Of course, Apple does listen to its customers, and we know already that the iPod touch is like that and well accepted. For starters, it keeps the cord from dangling over the touch screen where it’s always in the way. But YMMV. Is this really something Samsung can argue convincingly as a faux pas?

Summing it up, ads for products need to express confidence that a product is a sensible, wise choice, with a message conveyed by a professional, positive approach. Samsung’s nitpicking grasps at straws and is defensive rather than confidently taking up the offensive. It’s just sad to see.