SpectorSoft Brings Monitoring Software eBlaster to the Mac

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SpectorSoft has released a Mac OS X version of its eBlaster remote monitoring software, which records every action performed on a computer and compiles an activity report that's emailed at regular intervals. The application also features an Instant Notification option that provides immediate copies of emails, chats, and instant messages.

eBlaster records emails sent and received, chats and instant messages, all keystrokes, web sites visited, applications opened, and other user activity. Via a web browser, parents and employers can remotely access and change the software's settings. It operates in stealth mode, concealing itself from the dock, desktop, applications folder, force quit menu, and menu bar.

Pricing is US$99.95. Mac OS X version 10.4 or 10.5 and an Intel or PowerPC processor are required.



Big Brother is coming!


Furbies said Big Brother is coming ... when are folks going to drop this outdated reference to a book that was printed in the 1950s? Sheesh ... the creativity of some folks is next to nothing! Maybe we should all quote James Joyce, or maybe the first edition of the King James bible ...

On a more serious note, eBlaster for Windows has saved many kids from pedophiles and downright scum searching for “young stuff” on the Internet ... SpectorSoft, the developer, is a well-regarded company with super products acknowledged by countless parents, parental groups, and even law enforcement as a powerful tool to keep kids safe by paying attention to what they do at the PC and on the Internet ...

Some folks think this is not trusting of their children ... it’s not a matter of mistrust of one’s children, it’s being aware of the many people who would take advantage of your children if they had the chance ...


I am with Greg. For those who stopped counting 1984 came and went twenty five years ago.

Employers have a right to know how their computers are being used and parents have an obligation to protect their children.


I was absolutely amazed to hear that someone still thinks this stuff is big brother. eBlaster is a good app, been using it on my windows rig for a while now. Keeps the kids in line because they know I am watching, so I guess that makes me big daddy? Geeze let me get my tin foil hat.

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