Sponsor: PDFPenPro 6 from Smile

Once again I'd like to thank Smile for sponsoring us here at TMO, and this week I get to tell you about PDFPenPro 6. You've likely previously read my stuff about PDFPen, and PDFPenPro builds on that with a few key features.

The big things that the Pro version has always added are the ability to create your own forms inside your own PDFs, build tables of contents, and convert HTML files (like this web page) directly to PDF. PDFPenPro 6 now adds the ability to set and control document permission settings. This means you now have the option of controlling whether someone else can print, edit, and copy text from any of the PDFs you create and share. Smile has also added a new form field creation tool that allows you to convert non-interactive forms into fully editable/interactive PDF forms, complete with text fields and checkboxes that are automatically added.

Of course, just like its non-pro sibling, PDFPenPro allows you to paste-in signatures, edit existing text and images, perform OCR on scanned documents, and export to Microsoft Word format. 

PDFPenPro 6 is an app I use every day, and having the ability to create forms (in addition to the new sharing restrictions) is a great reason to step up to the Pro version of one of my favorite tools. Check it out!