Steve Wozniak Joins DeepDyve Board

Internet search engine company DeepDyve announced on Tuesday that Apple co-founder and man about town Steve Wozniak has joined its advisory board. Mr. Wozniak will be advising on technology trends and user experience on mining information on the Internet that isn't available through other search engines.

"DeepDyve's search technology is a breakthrough compared to the traditional keyword search that we know today," he said. "The company has the potential to transform Deep Web search, and I'm excited to help bring about that transformation."

DeepDyve is an online research engine designed for researchers, students, technical professionals, business users and other information consumers that need to find online information that isn't indexed by the mainstream Internet search engines -- also known as the Deep Web. Search results DeepDyve returns are geared towards professional users with irrelevant content and opinion sites filtered out.

Mr. Wozniak did not say if his new roll with DeepDyve will impact his rehearsal time for Dancing with the Stars.