Synopsis: Reviews of iPad 2 Cases To Date

Recently, TMO reviewed several iPad 2 cases, polycarbonate and flex gel wraparound cases as well as a folio case from Marware and Apple’s own Smart Cover. Here’s a summary and links to all the reviews.

all wraparounds

L-R: Macally SNAP2-MR, Scosche glosSEE p2, iLuv Flexi Gel Case, Scosche snapSHIELD p2

Wraparound Cases

Scosche: The snapSHIELD p2 polycarbonate case is terrific, and while I like it for its rigidity and feel, I sometimes find myself liking the flex gel cases for their softness. But the snapSHIELD p2 is my winner, and my summary is below. The Scosche glosSEE p2 flex gel cases are thin but strong and have a smooth, reflective texture. But that case doesn’t quite wrap around enough for me, and when combined with the give on the edges, it annoys me a little.

Scosche snapSHIELD p2 Case for iPad 2: Good Marks

Scosche glosSEE p2 Case for iPad 2: Very Nice

Macally: While I don’t like the Macally SNAP2-MR because the metallic, satin finish picks up finger prints, I do like it because it doesn’t wrap around on all sides. That makes it easier to brush dust and debris off the screen in preparation for some iKlear. It was my favorite for awhile, but I got tired of cleaning the finger prints off. But it is thin, strong and sleek. The metallic, satin look is appealing.

Macally SNAP2-MR iPad 2 Case: Beauty and Minimalism

iLuv: I’ve taken a liking lately to the red iLuv Flexi Gel Case because I like red iPad cases, it feels a little thicker, wraps around the edge just a tiny but more, and I like the textured feel. But I am annoyed by the extraneous opening for the microSIM. And the edge still gives enough to annoy me.

iLuv Flexi Gel Case for iPad 2: Tough & Durable

And My Winner is…

Which one am I going to use every day and which ones will put on the shelf? I think my personal winner is the Scosche snapSHIELD p2 polycarbonate. I blends in best with the iPad. It doesn’t completely wrap around, so it’s easy to brush debris away. It doesn’t pick up finger prints as easily as the Macally SNAP2-MR. Its edges don’t give. It contributes a sense of strength and rigidity to the iPad, yet is thin and minimal. It just doesn’t have any downsides — except that it doesn’t have that soft gel feel. Finally, the price is right.

Scosche snapSHIELD P2

Scosche snapSHIELD p2 (clear)

However if I were going to take the iPad into a rugged environment, say outdoors when I’m observing at the telescope (to use Sky Safari) I think I’d switch to the iLuv Flexi Gel Case to avoid scratching the snapSHIELD and, maybe, protect the iPad 2 a little more.

Other Cases

TMO has also published reviews of other iPad 2 cases. Nancy Gravely reviewed the splendid folio case from Marware.

Marware’s C.E.O. Hybrid iPad 2 Case Is Splendid

Jeff Gamet reviewed Apple’s Smart Cover as part of his review of the iPad 2.

iPad 2: Faster, Lighter & Thinner

The iPad 1

Last year, I reviewed the NuGuard Shell for the iPad 1.

NuGuard Shell for iPad Guards Well

If we review additional iPad 2 cases, this summary will be updated.