Scosche glosSEE p2 Case for iPad 2: Very Nice

This is the second in a series of reviews of iPad 2 cases that wrap around the back and sides. Some also come with a screen protector, and the Scosche glosSEE p2 is one of those. The product is very similar to its sister product, the polycarbonate snapSHIELD reviewed previously, and much of what I said about that case will be repeated here. But there are also important differences that I note in this review.

The Scosche glosSEE p2 iPad 2 case is made of flexible rubber, and is fairly soft. The case I received for review is deep blue, but there are other colors available. The idea behind this kind of soft, rubbery case is that it provides a superior grip and isn’t likely to slide on a mildy slanted surface.

Scosche glosSEE-1

Product in its packaging

Included is a screen protector, just like its sister product, the snapSHIELD, and I’ll repeat my observations on that below. Of course, like all good cases for the iPad, there are openings for every port, control, or opening like the speaker.

The glosSEE p2 doen’t so much snap on as with polycarbonate as it envelopes the iPad with a few tugs. It stays there securely, yet is easy to remove because it’s so soft. Even though the case I received is blue, the Apple logo and all the text on the back of the iPad remain visible. The edges that come around to the face clip nicely, but don’t get in the way. However, the wrap around to the face of the iPad 2 is greater than the snapSHIELD, so it’s harder to sweep debris off the face of the iPad. (Cookie crumbs!) Also, I did find that while the case envelopes the iPad nicely and holds firmly, the soft edges around the face tend to give as I grip the edge of the iPad 2. That made me feel just a little uneasy, perhaps unjustifiably. It’s the nature of the material, and if you want your case to be stiffer around the edges and a bit less obtrusive, there are other cases and materials to chose from, like the Scosche snapSHIELD.

Here’s a photo of the back of the iPad that shows how it wraps around the bottom a bit more than the snapSHIELD. The Scosche logo overlays nicely and doesn’t cover text on the back of the iPad.

Scosche - glosSEE-2

View of iPad 2 back and glosSEE cutouts

Scosche - glosSEE -6

Close-up of wrap around edge (lint not included)

What I Liked

This kind of case creates a softer, warmer, easier to grip surface than polycarbonate. It doesn’t contribute to the solidity of the iPad, rather, it makes the iPad feel all gooey and rubbery. As I said above, if you’re likely to set it on a slanted surface, it’s less likely to slide. I also suspect that it’s harder to scratch than polycarbonate, but I didn’t do any testing.

I liked the available colors: clear, smoke, purple, pink and blue. Except for the clear case, these are transparent, saturated colors that look handsome. Even so, the Apple logo and text on the back of the iPad show through even for the colored cases.

I thought the instructions for applying the protective screen were very good and the feedback postcard is terrific. You don’t see feedback postcards very often these days.

Scosche glosSEE -3

Instructions and postcard

What I Didn’t Like

This section is a repeat of the comments for the Scosche snapSHIELD. However, I won’t take you away on a link, and you can read it all again right here or skip it.

I applaud Scosche for including a screen protector. Given that, I am not one of those who can apply these protectors successfully. There’s always a speck of dust that floats in and creates a little bubble that can’t be pushed out. There is always some other bubble I can’t get rid of.

Scosche glosSEE-4

Screen Protector

However, the protector is well designed. You get a microfiber cloth to clean the iPad’s display. (I went over it with iKlear first.) There are two sheets that protect the primary plastic. You peel off the back and apply. Then you use a credit card to squeegee out the bubbles. The top sheet protects the main sheet while you do that. When you’re done, peel off the top sheet that protects the protector.

I think that if you’re experienced at this and work in very clean, dust free space, you can be successful. But for me, I am just never satisfied with less than optical perfection, so I tend not to use these products.

The plastic bag packaging seems like a rather cheap way to present and to ship the product, but mine was packed well and arrived undamaged. Other products like this use a stiffer plastic or full cardboard package.

Making the Case

I won’t let my own difficulties with screen protectors affect this review, and I’ll just focus on the case itself. It has a nice feel, easy to grip, easy to remove, reveals the iPad logo, and keeps the bottom edge of the iPad 2 well away from the metal of my Keynamics stand. However, the rather flexible edge around the face could be annoying for some. Finally, the price is in the right range for this kind of case. In terms of the case itself, like the snapSHIELD, it’s practically perfect, and I found myself regularly switching between the glosSEE and the snapSHIELD depending on my mood.

How to decide: snapSHIELD vs. glosSEE?  If you like a very smooth, harder case, the polycarbonate snapSHIED is a better choice. If you like a softer case with a better grip feel and you might be resting the iPad 2 on a slanted surface or a rough surface that might scratch polycarbonate, then the glosSEE is a better choice.

A Note About Cases

The kind of iPad case you need depends on how you use your iPad. If you travel frequently, you may want a folio case or the Apple iPad Smart Cover that protects the face. However, my iPad tends to be in my office on my Keynamics iPad stand or in my lap on the couch. There are no kids in the house, just well behaved cats. So my iPad remains fairly protected, and what I am interested in is “swipe and go.” I don’t want anything else wrapped around the iPad that will get in my way on my lap, and what I really need is something to protect that back and sides from grit or sticky stuff on my desk or the coffee table. That’s the special appeal of this kind of case.

I reviewed a similar case for the iPad 1 last year from Newer Technology.  NewerTech says they won’t be making a similar case for the iPad 2.

Schsche glosSEE-5a

Certain folio cases just don’t work well with a stand like this

(glosSEE installed)



Product: glosSEE p2 for iPad 2

Company: Scosche

List Price: US$29.99



Great protection of iPad back and sides with soft rubber, easy to apply and remove, available in tasteful colors, fair price, comes with screen protector.


Optional screen protector can be tricky to apply perfectly.