T-Mobile Surpasses Sprint; Uncarrier Now Third Largest US Provider

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T-Mobile’s Uncarrier Initiative is working, having overtaken Sprint for third place in the US wireless market. Counterpoint Market Monitor  released a report (via Fierce Wireless) showing T-Mobile as not only in third place, but close behind second place AT&T.

Other notable numbers from the report include Android rising to 59% of smartphones shipped, and that three of four phones shipped in the quarter were LTE smartphones. Samsung was the top handset supplier in the quarter and Apple was the top smartphone supplier, with Apple accounting for more than half of shipments to Verizon and AT&T.

Handsets by Brand at each carrier.

Other bits of info from the report include the data that smartphones are now 95% of total shipments, and that aside from Samsung, Apple generates more revenue than all other brands combined. 

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This is fascinating news to me; I was impressed with the whole “Uncarrier Initiative” when T-Mobile unveiled it, and I wanted it to succeed. It sounds like it might be working, and I really hope it continues since the idea behind it is to benefit the carrier (T-Mobile) by doing good things for customers, rather than what is good for the carrier. Good on T-Mobile, this is one of those times when I really hope what a company is doing actually does get copied by others.

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Good for T•Mobile! They’ve always given me good service and support.


All the more ridiculous that the loser carrier is the one trying to acquire the winner.

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