Want a Retina iPad mini? Good Luck

Apple surprised everyone on Tuesday morning by quietly launching it's brand new Retina Display iPad mini, but getting one in your hands today is easier said than done. While you can order online for delivery in a few days, picking one up in a store is near impossible, and you most likely won't find any display models, either.

Rumors ahead of the Retina iPad mini launch said supplies would  be limited, and it's looking like those reports were spot-on. Every Apple Store The Mac Observer checked Tuesday afternoon didn't have the new model in stock, nor did they have any display models so hopeful customers could check out its new higher resolution display.

The Retina iPad mini went on sale today, but Apple's own displays are still for the old modelThe Retina iPad mini went on sale today, but Apple's own displays are still for the old model

Apple showed off the iPad mini at a special media event in October where it also unveiled the iPad Air. The two new iPad models ship with the same specifications and options, differing only in screen size. The Retina iPad mini sports a 7.9-inch multitouch display while the iPad Air ships with a 9.7-inch display.

TMO's checks with several Apple Retail stores always gave us the same answer: no Retina minis in stock, and no display models, either. Some stores said they expected to get display models tonight, while. Others said they didn't have any idea when shipments would be coming in.

Most of the stores we spoke with wouldn't commit -- or even speculate -- on when Retina mini shipments would start coming in, but the few that were a little more open with their information didn't sound optimistic on their prospects for having inventory for sale come Wednesday regardless of whether or not they had display models available.

Apple's online store currently shows shipping times for delivery orders sitting between one and three days, although that could change at any time if demand outstrips what looks to be very limited supplies.

Pricing for the Retina Display iPad mini starts at US$399 for the WiFi only 16GB model, and tops out at $829 for the 128GB WiFi plus LTE model. It's available in black with space gray back, or white with silver back.

Have you been able to find the Retina Display iPad mini in stores? Let us know.