Yet Another 25 Tips for Mastering iPhone Photography

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Part 2 - Settings, Backups, More Backups, Travel, and Lists

56.) If shooting HDR on your iPhone, go to Settings > Photos & Camera and enable Keep Normal Photo. This will have your camera save both the normal and the HDR versions of your photos in the Camera Roll.

57.) It’s likely that your photos are so important you’d run back into a house fire to rescue them. That is, before going after your Hummel collection, right? In the meantime, you’re happy knowing that you’re photos are properly backed up, right? Well, you should seriously consider a SECOND backup. Drives are cheap. Keep this backup at a remote location; a friend’s house or a bank safety deposit box. Refresh this backup periodically.

58.) If you take your laptop with you on your iPhone photo shoots, use it to offload your photos from your device. If you then delete them from the iPhone in order to make room, your images on the laptop can not be considered to be backed-up. Give serious thought to taking along a small portable USB drive for this task. Oh, and avoid storing the drive in the same bag as your laptop.

59.) You CAN use your iPhone exclusively for handling your travel photography. I’ve done it on a recent trip to Italy. I was so pleased with the results that I won’t hesitate to do this again on my next trip. Leaving all my “big guns” DSLR gear behind… well, it was liberating!

60.) Before travel, keep a list of the gadgets  essential to your iPhone photography. If you don’t, it’s a sure bet you will forget that one item you really, really need.

The three products mentioned below

The Anker Astro3 12000mAh External Battery Charger, the  Mophie Juice Pack Plus,
and the dual voltage PS2 Travel Power Strip by Voltage Valet

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