ArcaBoard, the $20,000 Floating Board (Video)

There's a new hoverboard making waves, the ArcaBoard from Arca Space Corporation (ASC). The company posted a video of the floating contraption to, and as with every hoverboard, many are intrigued, but few are happy. ASC set itself up for someo of that by vastly overselling the ArcaBoard as a "product" that does anything more than float while the operator balances for dear life. In the video below, it's also described as "slightly bigger than a skateboard, which is true in the same way that a mattress is slightly larger than a shoebox. But, the ArcaBoard is still cool. The device floats with the help of "36 high power electric ducted fans with a maximum thrust of 200 kgf (430 lbs)." That makes it different from, say, the superconducting hoverboard Lexus is working on because it will float over many, if not most surfaces. The Lexus device needs a bed of metal for its magnetic field. The ArcaBoard is on sale (for preorder) now for US$19,900. It charges in 6 hours, but for $4,500, there's an optional charger that will do it up in 35 minutes. What do you think?

Check It Out: ArcaBoard, the $20,000 Floating Board (Video)