Bill Gates’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video

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Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates is just one of a ton of folks who have accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge—we posted Apple CEO Tim Cook's public challenge last week—but his video has a higher production value than most. In fact, it's awesome. And funny, though we did note a distinct lack of ice in the ice bucket he poors over his head. But never mind, he challenged Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, TV personality Ryan Seacrest, and Chris Anderson from TED, and he had fun doing it. Mr. Gates didn't announce how much money he was donating, but then he never toots his own philanthropic horn, despite being the most prolific philanthropist since the word was invented. So, watch the video and consider donating some money yourself. 


Check It Out: Bill Gates’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video

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Lee Dronick

I respect him for that, and other things

Based upon his reaction there is no doubt in my mind that it is very cold water. As to no ice in the bucket that is probably good thing considering the height from which the water fell. One my friends on Facebook linked to a video showing some ice bucket challenges gone wrong. A number of the involved ice cubes that had froze together into a big and heavy lump.


Agreed Lee.  In the end he may be remembered more for his philanthropy than his crappy operating system!  wink


As much as I love Apple, I have to say that I admire Bill Gates more than any living person because of his philanthropy work.  Also, he has a charisma in person that you don’t get on video.

Lee Dronick

  Also, he has a charisma in person that you don’t get on video.

Yes, I met him once, back in 1989, he was geeky, but nice.


Bill Gates & philanthropy ?

I’d like to remind folks just how Bill acquired all that money in the first place.

By selling the crappiest OSes ever to see the light of day….

I surely hope Mr Gates isn’t trying to buy his way into an afterlife in Heaven.

Arnold Ziffel

Bill Gates philanthropist?

He’s no different than the robber barons of the last century. How many of his ‘donations’ are tied to schools purchasing Windows, Office, and other MS crappola with them?


When people tell me how great Bill Gates is for his philanthropy, I gently remind them that what he is giving away is *their* money.


This is a perfect example of who bill gates is, a phony, fake person. Just like his software company and the products they create from stealing from Apple and others. Up Yours gates.


Wow you guys - lighten up a bit, will ya?  One business “copying” good ideas from another is the way its ALWAYS been, ferchrissakes!  IP laws will only get you so much protection; after that you have to rely on quality, reputation, and customer service. (Which fortunately Apple does, and MS does not.)  I’m in no way excusing this behavior, it just is what it is…

Let’s not forget it was none other than our beloved Steve who “stole” the concept of the mouse and GUI from Xerox-PARC, as in the old days (yes I’m showing my age here) there was much more of an “outlaw/pirate” mentality to the early tech cos.  (And its still there, esp in early stage start-ups - we see Facebook right now trying hard to evolve from outlaw to “respectable”.  Uber, VRBO, and others are still in “outlaw” stage.).

I don’t see how Gates’ current activities makes him a “phony, fake person”, and to the extent he’s “giving away others money” - so what?  At least he’s doing honorable things with it and not funding hate groups.  Many other billionaires give away nothing (or next to nothing), let alone someone like Gates who’s actually inspiring other billionaires to actually do something productive with their money when many weren’t doing anything previously. 

So to be clear: I have no love for MS and not a lot of respect for Bill Gates the tech guy, but I have a lot of respect for Bill Gates the philanthropist. I have a hard time understanding how anyone can not respect “the new and improved Bill”...

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