Nine (9!) Cirque du Mac X Multi-Camera Videos Are Up!

Famed videographer Wally Cherwinski assembled a group of like-minded Mac and video enthusiasts (conspirators?) to film the Macworld All-Star Band Performance at our recent Cirque du Mac X from multiple angles. Wally then took all that footage and put it together in the form of nine individual videos, each with a different song. You can see one of them (Feelin' Alright) here, but all nine are available on the Cirque du Mac X YouTube Channel Wally put together. If you're interested in the behind-the-scenes work, Wally joined Chuck Joiner (a fellow conspirator) on MacVoices 1397 to talk about the process. Cirque du Mac X wouldn't have been possible this year without our great sponsors, and we'd like to thank ProjectWizards, Movie Tracker, Lantronix, Garmin, Squarespace, Smile, IDG and OWC for helping us make it happen!

Check It Out: Nine (9!) Cirque du Mac X Multi-Camera Videos Are Up!