Nokia Goes to Samsung’s School of Creepy Ad Design

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Not to be left out on the creepy ad game, Nokia recently released a commercial that not only fits the uber-creepy bill, but makes the Windows tablet it highlights seem sluggish and slow. The ad is for the Nokia Lumia 2520, but what you really remember from the commercial is the disturbing hair dresser and his assistant, and maybe that when the camera shows the tablet rotating it takes time before the onscreen image catches up and changes its orientation. But mostly it's just creepy. Samsung has an ad out for its Galaxy Gear smartwatch that's pretty creepy, too. Enough so that we're wondering if there's a creepy ad school out there where Apple's competitors learn how to make commercials.


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Saw an ad for the Windows Surface this weekend. It wasn’t creepy but it was a seriously terrible commercial. It had an uptight guy sitting in an office. He started with explaining how he was in accounting and never approved new computers because they were a waste of money. He then went on to discribe how now that he saw the Windows Surface (I forget the model) how it was so good everyone in the office will be getting one.

What I took away from this was that the Surface was impressive to clueless people that don’t know a good or needed computer if it bit them on the @$$. That the same pointy haired bosses and accounting trolls that made Dilbert a hit like the Surface.

And how this would entice me to buy one?


Wow. That’s the oddest commercial EVER. EVEREVEREVER. Ever.


That was more than a little bit repulsive. Maybe there is such as thing as bad publicity. Ugh!



This one’s just strange and off-beat, if not veering off into the paranormal. One could even consider it self-paradoy. Unlike the Samsung GG advert, it doesn’t pretend to model normality or safe behaviour, and that most insidious of sub-texts, ‘If you wear (or ‘do’ or ‘consume’) this, you will be somehow socially augmented and/or fulfilled’.

A strange but harmless advert that does little to promote the device.


I agree with everyone here. Especially geoduck as those were my thoughts the first time I saw the commercial they were explaining. There’s also the other Surface commercial where the school teacher bold face lies and states: “All my students have the new Surface.” Sure they do.

These will fail because all the competitors have to focus so much on work. I get their point because they are trying to market these devices the same way they did for the old PC boxes. Get your tablet and sit in your drab grey cubicle and get to work!!! They are so clueless they take this angle thinking this is an advantage over an iPad when it isn’t. I’m sure the most ‘work’ people get done on/with these is the constant work it takes to keep them running after they lock up. Then they have even more work re-doing everything they lost when their tablet crashed.

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