The Inside Story Behind Steve Jobs's 1997 Macworld Keynote (Video)

Michael Markman isn't a household name in Apple fan circles, but you've probably seen some of his work. He's a video director who worked on the internal promo video 1944, as well as Blue Busters. Turns out he also put together Gil Amelio's disastrous keynote from Macworld San Francisco in January 1997. Despite that last particular excersize in ignominy, Steve Jobs had him make the video introduction of new Apple board members that served as a centerpiece for the August 1997 Macworld Boston keynote. That's the one where Steve Jobs announced Microsoft was investing in the company and committing to make Office for Mac for five years. It's great Apple lore, but Mr. Markman—or Mikelah as he calls himself—walks us through the meeting with Steve Jobs just days after Gil Amelio was fired by the board and Steve Jobs took over. Mr. Jobs also threatened to fire everyone in the room if that meeting leaked, despite the fact that only one of them even worked for Steve. And they believed him. It's a wonderful story. Mikelah is a great story teller. He does a video review of the Steve Jobs film I think is great, too.

Check It Out: The Inside Story Behind Steve Jobs's 1997 Macworld Keynote (Video)